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Trepidation and Joy

Here’s a sight to simultaneously inspire trepidation and joy in the heart of any artist. A freshly swept and mopped studio with four eight feet by eight feet panels laid out along the wall waiting to have canvas stretched on … Continue reading

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The Golden Bowl xv

In between preparing the canvases for the virtues I managed to get a layer of black onto the lower part of the painting, making a far darker composition which I like very much. The sky will get a layer of … Continue reading

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Pythagoras and Duality

I thought a bit of clarity on duality might be helpful, so I revisited my copy of The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library, compiled and translated by Guthrie, who clarifies the nature of duality in Pythagorean terms in his introduction. “If … Continue reading

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Temperance xii

Here’s another sketch of Temperance, trying to figure out a more stylized composition and imagery. The funky fat shapes at the bottom are very loosely drawn pigs. I’ve included a vesica about her to emphasize the duality of all these … Continue reading

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Bombers xxi

Here’s a radical change in the appearance of the painting. The sky approaches its completed state, needing a yellow / white moon and a glaze of Ultramarine blue, with some stars and haze to complete it. However, it will need a … Continue reading

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Bombers xix

I meant to mention that I marked the 1.62 ratio on the rod, and I’ll define that ratio still further when the white layer has dried completely. I thought I might try having one end black, the other white, and … Continue reading

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