Reworked jacket, sky and stone

Amelia is developing well. My ideas are changing all the time at the moment, and I’m really enjoying the developments. Having painted the sky in, I got into the next unifying layer of raw sienna over the landscape, and added some of the sky’s Prussian into the yellowy paint, making a very pleasant green layer that has transformed the desert into a spring landscape. I’m really enjoying this, as it suggests that the combination of elements, or conjunctio, has begun to produce it’s resulting amalgamation into an alloy. So I’m intrigued with the potential for a progression of time in the landscape – after the hermit, Amelia, as the elemental air comes to visit, bringing transformation to the barren landscape.

I’m very pleased with the outcome of the work I put into the coat, which is looking very rich now. I worked with some Prussian Blue to deepen the shadows and define a few edges, buttons and tailoring, then added a logo to her shirt. Obviously there’s a ton of work to do to the features of the face, feet and hands, and I expect to move onto those areas fairly soon.

I plan to begin producing my own essential oils pretty soon, and I’m also quite interested in the idea of getting serious about making my own paint if I can produce very pure oil and resins. I’m not convinced that the time that I would need to put into this endeavor would be cost effective considering the studio time I probably lose, but it’s certainly something I want to do at least once. 

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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