Empress Edges

The Empress is getting closer to completion

Donna Granata visited the studio yesterday to shoot the portrait photos for the Focus on the Masters archive that I mentioned a couple of days ago. I enjoyed her company very much, she’s great fun to chat with. I’m looking forward to seeing what the pictures look like; she’s going to show the portrait in a show pretty soon. I’ll post details when I have them. Most of the time I got to paint while she shot pictures, although we did a more formal set-up as well.

I’ve altered the sides of the Empress and painted the new edges white so that I can see what the composition will look like when it’s stretched to size. It’s very satisfying to get this painting on the right road and I’m considerably happier with the new composition, which has made a big difference. I’m close to finishing the work of painting the vines of the bottom left and right, and I glazed the top of the sky with Ceramic White because I felt that it was too strong, detracting from the foreground by pulling focus upward.

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