Three Wishes

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From the Neolithic period to the present day holed stones have been used for making binding promises. One once stood within the great Avebury circle, another beside the majestic megaliths at Steness, in Orkney.

It is said that if you peer through the holed stones you can see the other world. These three are my wishing stones, painted in oil on oak panels.

If you’d like to participate in a work for a performance lecture event here’s a chance even if you can’t attend an actual event.

Make a wish for each stone and leave it as a comment. I will keep a record of the wishes and use them in a piece titled “Other people’s Wishes”. I have fifteen wishes already, collected from earlier shows. I would like to have more, so please feel free to post.        

About pearce

Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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7 Responses to Three Wishes

  1. #1…I wish my graduate studies would be challenging, creative, and transformational.

    #2…I wish Diabetes didn’t exist!

    #3…I wish I could hold my baby girl Camille Rachelle right now…!

  2. janet amiri says:

    My dear friend Michael,

    I have 3 more wishes, if allowed:

    Wish #1: All those innocent and tender broken hearts, and the braver ones yet shattered, emotionally tethered to Cody Murphy’s mortal remains, find one healing path by walking the labyrinth @ CLU until the ties no longer bind and the work is well to being done.

    Wish #2: No blame or guilt or judgement to cloud the hearts and minds of those connected, in any way, to the accident which occurred on PCH Tuesday, April 8, 2008.

    Wish #3: And those who knew Cody, feel the void of his parting no doubt, “.. then fill it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss”. Truly these things he shall miss. Keep your friendships strong, no undue grief, lift up your hearts and share your faith; he was set free.

  3. Sorry, my wishes have to be in French, I suppose Hope connects with that part of the human soul that is very intimate and primaeval.

    Souhait 1: plus de justice sociale
    Souhait 2: plus de musique , de dance et de joie
    Souhait 3: plus de place pour les enfants dans le monde de demain

  4. Wish # 1: To live a happy and fulfilling life
    Wish # 2: To bring happiness to people around me
    Wish # 3: That the world would be less individualistic and more in phase with Nature / the environment.

    Thank you.


  5. Tiffany says:

    I wish I could stop abusing myself with procrastination

  6. kathrin says:

    Wish#1 – Janet’s wishes will come true.

    Wish#2 – a two story modern “star” observatory which houses Mr.Pearce’s Cabinet of Contemporary Neolithic Wonders on the top floor where the exhibit can of course be exposed to the night sky or the sunlight and where visitors after first seeing the “Apollonian” top floor will have to descend to the 1st floor to be confronted with more shadowy Chthonian/Dionysian forces which would find expression and representation via art pieces from different sculptors. ( at least one comes to mind)

    Wish#3 – “Lord of the World…I do not beg you to reveal to me the secret of your ways – I could not bear it. But show me one thing; show it to me more clearly and more deeply; show me what this, that which is happening at this very moment, means to me, what it demands of me, what you, Lord of the World, are telling me by way of it.”This was Rabbi Levi Yitzhakn’s wish and it is mine as well.

  7. janet amiri says:

    Hi Michael,

    Time to make more wishes, since the three made previously have come true.
    New Wish #1 — trip to southern Italy in September ’08 to sculpt, paint and live Stealing Beauty.
    New Wish #2 — begin the abstract stainless steel (or bronze) monument for permanent installation on CLU campus by 2010.
    New Wish #3 — Dr. Pearce will find new ways to challenge my sensibilities.

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