What a day!

I didn’t find a moment to get into the studio amongst all the meetings and administrative stuff I had on my plate. They’re all good things, but very time consuming. After the passing out incident I needed to make sure that all the right people in the administration were aware of what happened. At lunchtime I met with my friend Janet Amiri, the sculptor, who has been incredibly supportive at the University, helping to cement relationships with the local community, introducing me to the lovely Teddy Ilowitz, and the sculptor De l’Esprie, both helping us to improve the campus by giving the gift of their work. Teddy already gave us the benefit of one of her pieces, while we are currently making arrangements for De L’Esprie to be able to create a large monument for us.

I met with members of the Artists and Speakers committee to discuss our efforts to bring varied and distinguished visitors to our campus to enrich the cultural life of both the University and the County. It’s a wonderful committee to serve on, and we enjoy finding out about the truly extraordinary people we are able to bring.


…rush home, take my daughter to ballet, take Ethan to Scouts, teach the boys how to fuse a rope, run back across the valley to ballet, get Elizabeth, drive back to pick up Ethan, take the kids home and get them off to bed. Blog. Continue working on my powerpoint for the Alchemy conference, ready to present in two days.

Tomorow I hope to get into the studio in the morning for at least a short time, then I’m meeting with our VP for Facilities to make plans for housing our Art Department in the short term as we wait for funding for the new building. Teach a drawing class (some really good quality work going on there) at twelve, then on to painting class, where my students are working on making self portraits in Old Masters style. In the afternoon I’ll go to get a small truck ready for the Friday trip to Vegas.

Fragile art work touching madness documented on the web by Debra Eck. I’m watching this to see what happens next.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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  1. deb says:

    wow, thanks so much for the mention on your blog, and I can absolutely empathise with your crazy day… today I got up, packed lunches, drove kids to school, came home and worked on the croc costume, had lunch with my hubby (smile), ran errands, took my son to the drs, dropped him off at home, went to school to teach 2D (great, hard working class!), had tea with a student, started teaching drawing (not such a hard working class, but plenty of talent). left at break, drove back home, picked up my daughter, drove her to rehearsal, went back to class, went back to rehearsal, met with director about costumes… came home, my son (17) is hungry so now I am cooking and blogging! Tomorrow will be a fun day because my oldest will be home from college for the break… looking forward to fabric shopping with her over the weekend (shes a fashion major)… whew! will be super glad to get into bed tonight!

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