Studio visit

Bert Green is coming over to see what I’ve been making, so I decided that I should get what I have spread out and see what state things are in. Paintings don’t stay perfect forever, and need occasional maintenance to keep them pristine, so I expect to find touch up work necessary on some of the pieces to clean up any bruises or dings. Usually this is minor work taking little time.

The studio looks pretty cool with the big works laid out, reminding me that I need to continue to make some smaller pieces too. I think it would be really great to make works that incorporate my Cabinet sculptural installation work into the paintings. Imagine a painting of a person using the artefacts I made, or meditating next to the grails. Very interesting. The kitsch painting movement started by Odd Nerdrum has a puritan strain to it that would find such paintings very difficult, because they would be kitsch paintings of things that could easily be mistaken for post-modernism. Regarding the Cabinet I think it’s ultra-reactionary to look so far back in time for inspiration, far beyond the issues of contemporary art.

Anyway, if only for the reason that such a series would challenge the expectations of the new movement, it’s worth pursuing, isn’t it?

img_7348.jpg img_7349.jpg img_7350.jpg




I went sailing today for the first time in a long while. How wonderful to skim along the ocean surface under sail, with the energy of the wind driving the boat before it. 

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