Making panels

Ryan helped me to replace the paintings in the gallery this morning, then return the truck. As we left I noticed a pair of students looking at the walls with very puzzled expressions, no doubt because the pictures had changed over the weekend. It was nice to have made them wonder what was going on…

I worked in the studio this afternoon to get the panels ready for the virtues images, stretching canvas over some oak plywood I picked up before going to Vegas, but it was very difficult to stay focused on what I was doing. Among other things there’s a big brush fire in the canyon a few miles from my house that closed the freeway, so I had a long journey home to bypass the flames. The Santa Anna winds are in full force, pushing the fire ahead of them. I’ll need to keep an eye on where it’s going to tonight. My eyes are itchy from the smoke. 

I received a lovely letter this morning from an organization called “Focus on the Masters” which operates out of Ventura County, beside the Pacific Ocean just above Los Angeles County. Donna Granata is the founder of the organization, which exists to document the lives and works of “outstanding artists who have contributed to the cultural life of Ventura County”. I’m completely delighted! They’ll do a video interview with an audience watching, and an in depth documentation of what I do. Peachy!

Photo by Cameron Hurdus

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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