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What a great day. I love my job! It was the first day of life drawing and life painting class today, with my new model (Christine) who arrived in class ready to work and quite pregnant. What a luxury it is to be able to paint and draw a pregnant woman. She did a great job too, in spite of an recalcitrant air conditioner in the drawing studio. My students were all great, working hard to learn about the proportion of the body and the joys of Vitruvius and Leonardo’s famous drawing of the Vitruvian man. In both classes most of the students had some classroom experience of drawing technique, so they jumped straight into the work. I asked the Christine if she would pose as Eve for the tall panels, she said she would, so I’d better get started figuring out what this is going to look like. I’d also like to get her and her husband to model for a round painting I have in mind.

I’ve abandoned the Indian lady project for a while, and I need to pick that up, so I’m looking out for the right model for the piece. 

I shot reference photos for Strength at last, managing to catch Jen at lunchtime. I’ll have to work out what the beast looks like later, but I’m thinking that it’s something between a hyena, a man and a lion. I’ll get started on that pretty soon.

The spheres the virtues are standing on got a lick of red bole for leafing later. I’ll put on a couple more coats this evening, then gild them tomorrow.

Not being able to post photos is horrid, but it’s going to be working again by the weekend, so I’ll be sure to put plenty onto the site then.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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