I’ve been laying down lots of gesso today, preparing the tall canvases for painting and getting those spheres that Justice and Temperance are standing upon ready for gold. The two virtues have had at least four thick coats to get rid of the weave of the canvas. Once I no longer see the fabric beneath the paint I’ll put a final layer of red base down then gild them. I painted the background of Justice white, so now she’s a white figure emerging from a white background, which I’m thoroughly enjoying, since I’m often attracted to a very dark background half-concealing shadowy figures.


Tomorrow we’ll have the distinct pleasure of having a model in the studio who’s pregnant. I am completely delighted that she’s coming in, and looking forward to making some paintings of her. Fabulous! I’m interested in painting the alchemical Adam and Eve on those two tall panels.

I’m hoping that she’s return when her baby is born and model for us then, with new born. Awesome!


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