Crucifixion population

1. img_5677-copy.jpgDistillery Collective painter Gary Palmer is the guy on the left with his hand on the dread-locked woman (his sister Tracey).

2.img_5676-copy.jpgGallery owner Bert Green is the bald, goateed guy who looks very pleased with himself with an axe on his shoulder standing before the cross.

3.img_5687-copy.jpgLos Angeles painter Christophe Cassidy is the guard with the rifle on his hip to the right of the cross.  



4.img_5680-copy.jpgLight sculpture artist and burner Sean Sobczak is Jesus.


5.img_5686-copy.jpgSkinny Puppy singer Nivek Ogre is the guy on the right of the three main figures in the foreground.  

6.img_5690-copy.jpgMusic Video and horror movie director Bob Sexton is both of the crucified thieves (not suitable for children).  



7.img_5678-copy.jpgThe amazing dancer Lisa Lock is the ululating woman on the bottom left of the canvas.

Gorgeous Amy Moon, rock star hair guru Lynn Hyndman (my muse, who I have painted so many times) and dinosaur wizard John Scott Lucas are also in the piece. 

Looking at the painting after such a long time is a vivid reminder of the passing of time. It really captures a time in my life that was quite dramatic and transformational. I had recently crashed my car and started to take painting really seriously as my dharma.

About pearce

Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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