Bert Green Fine Art opening reception

me and bertGood times in down town Los Angeles. There was a good turnout for the opening reception tonight, and with Artwalk tomorrow we’ll see a really big crowd at the gallery. The crows were very popular, and a couple of them sold already, so I hope to see several more flying from the walls in the next couple of weeks, dispersing the flock still further from its source.

I had a really lovely evening – ran into Emmeric Conrad, who I last showed with some ten years ago. I hope that he’ll be able to come to Thousand Oaks for a residency next year. Sean Sobcak has an exhibit of his fabulous light sculptures just round the corner, and I loved visiting the show and spending some time with him.

Photos: Bert Green and I at the gallery, then me and the birds.


Downtown has transformed! It’s so different now. There are bookstores and restaurants where there used to be drunks and junkies. Very cool. Bert closed the gallery at eight, and we all wandered round the corner to eat, drink and be merry.

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