All in a days work.

Run run run.

All I’ve done today is hurry from one appointment to the next, starting with archery with my son and his scout troop this morning, on to the afternoon getting my daughter to a party, then to pick up a cabinet for the house, then to an opening reception at a local gallery, and at last back to the studio, where I’m preparing to take pictures of the three ghostly and angelic witches from the university production of Macbeth, which I enjoyed last weekend, particularly the appearance of these three weird sisters clad from head to toe in white, including their hair. They’re held up with the pre-show work right now, so I have a short time spare to put this entry down (curious, there’s no typing equivalent for “scribble” – perhaps “tybble” would work?)

Yesterday was incredibly frustrating, as I hoped to get to the studio in the early morning, but was beset by people coming to the house for garden stuff, fixing things, locating doors and so on, then in the afternoon I was completely tied up getting copy and photos for the winter season at the gallery to our brochure editor, finally getting away from my desk at 7.00, far too late to start work on the painting after that day. Bah. This is not okay. At least I’ll get to shoot more photos this evening, potentially useful for the angels and devils works.

Tonight I’m going to get a fridge.

Tomorrow I ought to be able to get back to work. My fingers are crossed.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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