A weekend of art

We made it over to the opening reception of the studio tour exhibit at the Kavli in Thousand Oaks, where we had the great pleasure of finding Gary Raymond with a pair of his completely fantastic sound sculpture works: “Pandora’s Box” and “He He Helium”. They’re both witty and fun; I think that Gary’s onto a winner with his work and I’m looking forward to seeing his pieces show up in exhibits all over the country. Here’s Elizabeth with Gary talking to “He He Helium”, which takes the words it hears and repeats them after a few seconds delay, in a very high pitched voice. Simple, clever and very entertaining! 



After the Kavli we dropped in at the Simi Town Center to show Ethan the “Alchemy Tree”. The sun was going down right behind the bottles. This is the last shot I’ll post of the installation until it goes up again at the Brand next year, but I’ll create a permanent page of images in the side bar to the right.

That’s not to say that the sun has set on the Alchemy Tree for the last time. If you want to visit it, it will be on site at the Center for one month. Enjoy it! 




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