Cherry Blossoms

The first layer of cherry blossom is down, giving a much clearer sense of the appearance of the  complete painting. I was a little nervous putting pink into the mix, but felt that it was necessary to do it now to make life easier when it comes to getting it going full swing. There’s just enough here to give me a sense of balance for what colour I’ll need later in the layers.

At the bottom of the tree there’s a gap where the ocean peeks through, then a bush makes its appearance over the top of the wall with the seat in it. This will be green, not pink, so although it feels odd right now the balance of colour will come later.

On the left hand side I’ve added the first layer of some morning glory creeper wrapping around the wormwood and dropping down the marble wall. I’ve painted a couple of creepers that are reaching toward the Empress. I think the plants are beginning to take on that vibrant life I’m looking for, with this intentional movement of the vegetation toward her. It should end up making things feel very alive, and focus all the attention on her.

I’ve been thinking about colour, with the pink that’s going to happen in the upper right needing balance, so I think I’ll make the morning glory flowers on the bottom left pink too, to give a grounding elsewhere in the painting to the cherry blossoms. I’ll probably add a dash or two of the colour to other places in the image too to make sure it doesn’t feel isolated.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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