Thursday, August 21st, 2008 Archives

I meant to mention that I marked the 1.62 ratio on the rod, and I’ll define that ratio still further when the white layer has dried completely. I thought I might try having one end black, the other white, and the centre section in grey, emphasizing the trinity.

I cleaned up the sidebar this evening, after I realized that the links hadn’t transferred over from the previous site. Please visit them!

I’m getting my share of painting rocks right now, although the work is worth it because it’s making a rich textured surface. I mingled grey stones among the white / orange ones, a simple mark of dark grey with a white highlight on one side and a dark shadow on the other. Very easy, but there are so many of them to do. In order to continue getting the depth I want I’m painting the pebbles that are closest with most detail and contrast, and the ones that are furthest away with a softer and lighter touch, a greyer paint.

I painted the rod white and started fixing the black shoe, which is still not right. I’m going to need to focus on this with greater clarity than I was able to find today. 

I’m really enjoying making this painting, so much that I’m beginning to neglect other works. I must get the panels ready for the As the Crow Flies additions, and the Golden Bowl has rested untouched for a couple of weeks, deserving better treatment than that.

This morning Art and Doug came over to take photos for a slideshow that they’re making for the university website. I will post it here as soon as it’s finished.

Bombers xviii