Winding Up

This morning I took some of my students to the art supply store to pick up materials for their summer school class. I’m teaching a basic painting class at CLU, in Thousand Oaks over the summer. It’s a great way to keep my studio discipline going because I simply can’t procrastinate, I’ve got to be in the studio working. I love to paint with my students because it forces me to rethink what I do constantly, and pass on the tricks of the trade, and they enjoy watching as a painting develops, and learn from the decisions I make in the process.

I think I know what I need to paint next. Quite dream related, an image of a person falling off the world through a single point perspective image of trees centered on Scorpio. It’s the moment I woke to under the pines near Shaver Lake, when I felt as though gravity was no longer working and I was going to fall off the earth.

My wife’s a scorpio. I’m a Virgo. 



Christopher Marshall, Untitled, Oil on linen, 32″ x 30″. 

My friend and ex-student Christopher Marshall has become a fantastic painter over the years. After he studied with the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum in Iceland he went to the New York Academy to do his Masters degree in painting, and now he’s off to Liepzig to do a residency there. I love his work these days and just bought another of his pieces, shown here.

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