I don’t know how to stretch the day to be even more productive. This day was taken by some very pleasant events that were thoroughly enjoyable and laid groundwork for the future, but meant that I simply couldn’t get any painting done at all, except to snatch a few ten minute breaks to figure out what needs to be done next to the Traveler.

Barry came over to help me with ideas of how to render a thousand skulls in the computer as the template for painting the landscape of the Angel of Death piece. It looks as though my first thought of doing a complex composite in Photoshop is the best solution, then paint the plain of bones from that. We talked about his show that’s coming up in the gallery in the Fall for a short time.

I made a couple of the set pieces for the Becket plays ready, involving some time in the wood-shop trimming wood to size, and realizing that I’d really prefer to hire somebody else to do this carpentry work, because the big table saws simply scare me. Using a machine that you’re afraid of because it can hurt you is probably not a good idea. However, I’m really fascinated by some of the geometrical shapes that can be produced in three dimensions and conceal profound Pythagorean philosophical truths.

Janet Neuwalder is setting up her work in the gallery right now, with boxes and boxes of strange ceramic objects laid onto tables, with colour going onto the walls as backgrounds for the eclectic compositions. Good stuff. Opens January 25th.

I’m looking into doing an exhibit about Freemasonry in the Fall. I think this would be very successful following the Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol novels by Dan Brown.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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