The Sword and the Grail


I realized that the perspective of the window was a little askew, so I’ve enlarged one of the receding walls a little and narrowed the other to accommodate a correction. The window is a little smaller as a result, and the wall appears a bit thicker.

At last I felt comfortable enough with the walls and frescos to re-draw the cup and sword that lean against the shelf beside the Queen, lining them in Iron Oxide Red, then filling in the body of the forms with Foundation White in preparation for painting them. I borrowed a sword from the props department of the University Theatre Department, feeling a bit odd as I walked across campus with it. There’s really no way to carry a sword without looking dangerous!


I’m happy with the small amount of depth that the sword gives the space in the painting, which was so narrow that it felt a bit flat.


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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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