The Alchemy of Demolition v

The gold is almost all down, following my magnificent assistant’s valiant efforts this afternoon. We’ll need to do some touch up work Monday, because the three dimensional nature of the pieces of the building make gilding them very difficult, so there are some significant gaps that will need care and attention. I intend to make the boxes that will contain the pieces this weekend in my shop at home, and expect to have to trim some funky bits from the pieces to fit them into a uniform box. It’s important to me that the boxes are all the same, as I want to display them in an equilateral tetractys triangle. The pythagoreans thought of the tetractys as a holy symbol, as it incorporates all the numbers between one and ten within the triangle (three). 

In the pictures you see Cameron mopping the gold leaf after applying it to the tacky size. I’m so pleased that he’s able to help, I’d be buried under the amount of work there is to do alongside my teaching responsibilities and administrative duties. I’m feeling bad that I haven’t been able to get better information to Mike Adams, who’s helping me immensely by putting together a brochure for the show, despite my flakiness in providing the information he needs. (Sorry Mike) Getting publicity materials together is so important. If you don’t get your name and work onto people’s refrigerators you’re invisible!

By the way, Mike has a new website and blog. Go check it out, he can paint!

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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