Temperance iv

I shopped with my kids for large overcoats for the painting, spending several cheery hours wandering down Melrose in Hollywood and Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley. Lots of stores to lease in Hollywood, while the Ventura strip seems to be doing okay for now, but my neighbor who owns a business there says that business has been appalling, even worse than it was when 911 happened. Signs of the economic times.

We found an excellent medium brown leather overcoat and a waistcoat. I’m also thinking that the angel should wear flying goggles. I’m also looking for some very large costume wings, just on the off chance that there are some out there somewhere, otherwise I’ll have to find a stuffed eagle or something and match the light, remembering to light with some card cut out to resemble the shape and throw the proper shadow. I’d prefer to have something the model can wear, if possible.
I have two potential models in mind who would each bring something different to the painting. One of the two women is red haired and super-Pre-Raphaelite, while the other is an ethereal elvish blond. Both are gorgeous and will be a joy to paint. I am pretty taken with the idea of making paintings of all four of the virtues, so I’ll think about who would best fit each virtue.

I just received my contract from the Brand gallery in Glendale, CA, signed and sent it back to them. I’m looking forward to that show very much, May 16th – June 19th 2009. Before then, I’ll be showing work at the Las Vegas Alchemy Conference, then a piece in a Dreams show in Moorpark, CA. I’m looking for venues for next year.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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