storm VII


I used the knife to develop the surface of the skin of both figures.  The woman in the foreground needs more work than the man, because she’s so much closer to the viewer. I darkened the rock surface and added some new highlights to the rock to the left of the woman.



I am working to get the hand more satisfactory, so I laid down some warm colour over the rather unworked surface. Some tricky bits because of the remaining ridges from the previous figure, now long gone. I probably should have sanded them down, but I like the textures and occasional flashes of colour that show through from the earlier workings.



In this detail of the head you can really see how rich the surface is becoming. I have worked the eye a little more so that she appears to be looking above and behind her, where the falling man is going to appear. I’m pretty happy with this figure, but there’s still work to do to complete it.

Incidentally, is it any longer possible to paint a falling person without thinking of the World Trade Centre and 9/11? Icarus no more…



Here’s a close shot of the box as it is now. I allowed the green / brown surface to show through a new grey layer by painting the grey with a brush then scraping most of it away with the knife. I’ll clean up the edges of the squares so that they appear to be beveled after this layer is dry.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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