storm IX

I’ve been working on the painting today after what seems like a very long break; it feels good to be back in the studio after all the work on the bottle piece.



The colour is a little off in this picture, since I don’t have the Bridge program on my computer at home to correct it. It’s far too blue.

I deepened the shadows with a little ultramarine blue and some black, then added some highlight white into the sheepskin of the flying helmet, which I’ll tone down a little when it dries. I extended the right hand side of the sheepskin into her face a little to balance it a bit better, then added a piece of sheepskin onto the left side for balance and detail. I painted out the sketched figures in the sky, beginning to clear up the clutter of construction ready for the small falling figure then working on the sky and the landscape.



Her face is really close to being finished now.

Here’s a detail shot of the chin and left side. Click on the image to see the texture that has built up by all the layers. 



Here are a few more details. Click to get the big picture. 

img_4906.jpg  img_4908.jpg  img_4909.jpg


I’m thinking about bandaging her hand, so that her fingers aren’t just bent, but have been amputated. Next definite step: to commit to the falling figure. I have a reference photo for this. Drawing a figure on a small scale is much tougher than doing a large one.

I’m considering re-naming the finished piece “The Aviator’s Dream”. 

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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2 Responses to storm IX

  1. the face is turning out wonderfully. you fixed the problem areas and it shows. the nose is defined, the mouth has better lips. the eye(s) have more emotion. necklace area fixed. now on to the other parts you’re procrastinating on…

  2. glad you finally got pictures for the third figure

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