Green leaves

green leavesincontext greenleavesNo rusty reds yet, but there are three greens over the grey, making a pretty layer of leaves which will work out very nicely when I define them a bit with some dark brown and a little detail.

The colour is a bit off in the bigger picture – the orange of the iron oxide is jumping far too much, but I wanted to show how the flowers are working in their context. I think they’re still a little too bright, so I might glaze them with a thin Raw Umber (a greenish brown) to quiet them a bit. It’s quite nice to compare this shot with the one in the previous post.

I’m pretty happy with this though, it’s on the right road. Perhaps a few more flowers to the right hand side of the bush?

About pearce

Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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4 Responses to Green leaves

  1. pearce says:

    Thanks Ryan. There’s quite a bit on alchemy if you look in the sidebar. Good stuff. I’ll try to post more on it when this piece is finished.

  2. pearce says:

    Watch this space – I’ll post a beginning and ending painting when I get the piece finished. Should be cool, huh?

  3. Ryan says:

    I am really enjoying watching this work come along, it is my favorite work you’ve done by a long shot! I first saw it before the semester started, and something about the sky just clicked with me, and it has been fantastic to jump back in your blog and compare it to what is it now. I wish you would talk more about all of the inspiration/ alchemy references in it on your blog, and explain where it is going.

  4. janet amiri says:

    The composition is exquisite. Love the lightness of flowers against the dark ruddy oxidized terrain. There’s an element of heaven meeting earth that I find quite beautifully alluring. Gorgeous, Michael!

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