Earth Day bottles IV

Today was the first day of Spring break, so what better way of spending it than preparing hundreds of bottles for the Earth Day installation project?

img_3650-copy.jpg  img_3645-copy.jpg

CLU students Megan and Sheena peel labels from the bottles. I don’t want to show the manufacturers’ names, and I think the bottles will look better if they are more transparent. When the sunlight hits them they look good. Although the bottles are ubiquitous there’s a nice diversity of form among the different varieties, so I think they’ll look great in the tree. I’m becoming a little concerned that there won’t be enough of a mass of bottles to really make the plane of the bottoms of the bottles really consistent. When we start hanging them we’ll see how it goes.

 img_3653-copy.jpg  img_3651-copy.jpg

Elizabeth counts the bottles, Ethan peels labels. 


Izzy helps to bag the bottles. Nick continues to get the labels off. 

We have 657 bottles so far! 

All the children are scouts. Scouts Rock!



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