Black and White Stripes and Rocks

I’m using a Raw Umber around the rocks to re-draw their edges and place a shadow on the right of each rock, following the key light that will be constant throughout the painting. The flags are all redrawn, and I’m pleased with the way the composition is coming together, and looking forward to getting the water on the left side of the painting in place reflecting the sky.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the work, especially now that the lines of the splendid black and white striped suit are beginning to make an appearance. It’s challenging to get these parallel lines in place correctly so that they follow the folds of the cloth properly, and really rewarding when it comes  out well. I’ve fixed the area under the arm where the jacket sweeps back towards the Magician’s body, now filled by a lining and the curve of the hem of the cloth.

About pearce

Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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