Bears and wolves

img_9727Here’s a strange coincidence: I spent several hours researching bears and wolves yesterday in pursuit of reference images and to learn how they are put together and specifically how they appear when they attack. Today I’ve spoken to three of my friends, all of whom either dreamed about bears and / or wolves last night or spent the day reading about them. Very odd! The collective conscious is working overtime.

Pretty rough and ready work so far, but the bones of the work are good, so I think this should take shape pretty quickly. I don’t recall making up quite so much of such a key character in a painting before. This will be a good challenge, and fun to do.

By the way, reading about wolf and bear attacks was pretty un-nerving. Those are some ferocious creatures.

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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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3 Responses to Bears and wolves

  1. deb says:

    Well I always hope to see the bears but we were a very large party of 8 which makes a lot of noise in the woods… We stopped for lunch on Saturday by a beautiful brook, and just as we were putting the packs back on ( along with shoes and socks!) a couple of tourists came tearing out of the wood in obvious panic and distress – yep! they had seen my bear! We didn’t have the heart to tell the terrified woman that she was in very little danger! I’ve only been really close to one once, I was closing the gate at a camp where I was the director early one morning when I felt a presence… when I looked up a VERY LARGE black bear was standing by my car. So I tried to stay calm, said good morning and got quickly into the car, before I could even drive away he was soooo bored he just ambled away! I spent some time in Iqaluit in Nunavut territory and was in two minds when camping out on the tundra as to whether I would like to see a polar bear or not. I did get to see one hunting seal but I was in a plane at the time. Which in retrospect was good!! There three bears!!

  2. pearce says:

    Another one! Please tell me more.

  3. deb says:

    Ah but here up north we have great gentle bears (black bears being generally retiring creatures who avoid people)… in fact there was a funny run-in with one such bear on my camping trip this past weekend… hmmm

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