Back to school

If you’re wondering where the painting posts are, so am I. I haven’t had any opportunity to get to the studio since that Sunday afternoon of gilding slipped by. School semester began today, so everything has gone barmy trying to get students into their proper classes, figure out details that have escaped me, making sure the art department faculty have everything they need to be effective and happy in their studios, and getting ready for a reception for Duncan’s exhibit tomorrow. (Seven o’clock Thursday evening, come on over to the Kwan Fong Gallery at CLU… Eat, drink and enjoy the art.)

Tomorrow morning though, I have studio time for myself, and plan to get gold onto a pile of panels. I might even be able to get started on the geomantic man, with some luck. He needs a little more work to finish him off. I keep imagining him with a sun for a face, so I think I need to look at how his face might work if it were a rich golden yellow.

It’s frustrating to have so little time to prepare the work for the show, but to be unable to get into the studio to do it.


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Michael Pearce is an artist, writer, and professor of art. He is the author of "Art in the Age of Emergence."
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  1. rich says:

    Ah, the air of Summer lingers, but Fall crouches in waiting. Students arive and you can get back into a rhythm with the ebb and flow of classes and students and tea time. ANd so it goes… today is the day to be back at art-making. Gilded Ravens await. See you tonight. -Rich

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