A labyrinth for Scandinavian Festival 2008

I bumped into Eric Berg this morning while walking to the studio. He’s one of the organizers of the Scandinavian Festival taking place here at the University April 19th and 20th. To my delight he asked if I’d like to make another labyrinth for the festival this year, this time in the park next to the stream. This is a beautiful location for the path to be laid out, so I jumped at the chance. (There are pictures of last year’s path here.)

The main path will be in stone if I can persuade our local stone mason to lend me the rocks again, but I wonder if I can get lots of helium balloons and tie them to the stones and fulfill the elements idea I mentioned in an earlier post. Eric and I were both excited at the chance to put on an evening candlelit pathway event after the festival closes down for the night, imagine five hundred tea lights glowing in the pattern of the labyrinth. 

Because of the Earth Day installation opening on the same day as the festival it looks as though I’m going to be extremely busy in early April. (Here’s the schedule) Right now I think the labyrinth will have to be installed in the first week of the month and dismantled directly after the Festival is over.

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