Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 Archives

I’ve drawn Temperance and Justice and I’m pleased with both. This evening I’ll seal them both with some burnt sienna so that they’re ready to go. These look really good as first passes into the painting foray, so I’m full of optimism or them.
Temperance needs some wings and pigs, while justice is short of snakes and the blade.

Here she is!

I’m happy with the composition, laid down the centre line of the panel, with the figure centred on the navel. She’s looking good. I put a blindfold over her eyes, as is traditional for blind justice, and sketched in the scales quite loosely for now. I’m going to need to find snake reference materials so I can make a mass of them around the globe she’s standing on. I like this. I may add a sword to the composition.

It’s good to get back to work.

This afternoon I hope to get started on Temperance. Once both drawings are done I’ll get the primer down, and tomorrow I should be able to get into the en grisaille. I’m a bit behind with Fortitude, yet to sketch and shoot pictures for it, but I don’t think that really matters too much. I can work on that while simultaneously painting these. I do have my model for the image, and the pose is fairly straightforward.

I really like the pose she’s in, she’s very poised and balanced, just the way justice should be. I’m looking forward to painting her, I think she’ll be beautiful.