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No painting today, instead I turned my attention to doing some more study of alchemical symbolism, in particular Adam, the first man, who is used as a symbol of the prima materia in the alchemical process. The goal of alchemy is to reconstitute the elements into the original material from which God made the creation. Adam is symbolic of this as the microcosmic version of the creation.


In a fit of ego-mania I did a search for my name on an anagram solving website. It turns out that “Michael” is an anagram of “Al chemi” (The arabic word from which we get “Alchemy” is الكيمياء al-kīmiā’).

“Michael Pearce” is an anagram of “Alchemic Perea”. Perea is a region in the first century Kingdom of Herod the Great on the East of the Jordan river, once known as Moab.
(It’s also “impeach cereal” “piecemeal arch” and “cheaper malice” among other things, but they’re not nearly as much fun or as interesting as the alchemic one, given what I do.)

Here’s my favorite anagram though: “Michael John Pearce” is an anagram of “Alchemic Pere Jonah”. The father (French “father”) of Jonah (famously swallowed whole by a whale) was the prophet Amittai, whose name means “my truth” in Hebrew (and there’s an excellent anagram found in his name too, which you can figure out for yourself! LOL!).

I was able to find these anagrams with great ease thanks to Wordsmith.

What’s in a name?