Monday, August 18th, 2008 Archives

I thought this conference deserved a plug because it seems to be organized to a high standard. I’ll definitely be attending it. It’s the 2008 International Alchemy Conference October 10th – 12th, taking place in Las Vegas, which seems like an odd location for a conference of serious students of alchemy, but on the other hand it’s a place where the transmutation of gold seems to be working out pretty well for casino owners! Here are some of the advertised features:

  • Practicing Alchemists from 12 Countries

  • Reunion of Frater Albertus Graduates

  • Famous Authors, Consultants and Researchers

  • Lectures on All Aspects of Alchemy

  • Alchemy Students and Guild Members

  • Certification Workshop in Spagyrics

  • Reception and Lunches with Speakers

  • Free Entertainment and Prizes

  • Scores of Unique Vendors