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Here’s a rough sketch for the painting. Shooting it will be tricky. I’m concerned with the proper lighting, which must come from up high as if its the stars. Then, safety is an issue, particularly how do I help my model to look as though she’s falling without putting her in danger? I’m thinking a rope firmly attached to the ceiling girders will do it, providing her with a firm support to lean into.


I added two figures into the sketch, feeling out how the image might look with the figure in different places. I like it with all three! I’ll begin painting this pretty soon. 

Falling off iv

On reflection I realized that in the crucifixion painting the tattoo is in the wrong place. It’s too far back  on the arm, in a spot that would be wrong for a presentational piece of ink work. I’ll need to repaint the whole thing tomorrow.

Crucifixion iv









I roughed in the tattoo on Lynn’s arm. It’s very basic right now and will get some added colour, then a layer of skin tone over the top of it to drop it back into the arm properly. Right now it’s too bright and sitting too high on the surface, so it needs some help to recede.  


It’s the seal of Martin Luther. There’s more about him, and why I’m interested in him here. 


In this picture you can also see the newly darkened shirts of the men at the top and left. They were pulling focus from the centre of the crowd. 


I had a productive if scattered morning broken up by meetings and preparation. I prepared two canvases  by stretching them onto a piece of 3/4″ plywood with a layer of plastic between the canvas and the wood so the painting doesn’t end up being completely stuck to a great big lump of wood. I stretched it as usual, pulling centre edge against centre edge, then painted four or five layers of gesso onto it. The meetings took place between coats, so it worked out pretty well in the end. 

Falling off iii