Sunday, August 10th, 2008 Archives

The New Cabinet exhibit at the Camarillo State University closes today. I’ll take it apart on Monday afternoon and store it away. The next show is in September at the Kwan Fong gallery at CLU in Thousand Oaks. It’s a nice tall space, so I hope to have some fun with motors there. I’ll be showing the two recently completed paintings and the Bombers piece if I can finish it in time.

I’ve been reading a well researched study of the history of the Rosicrucian orders by Christopher McIntosh titled The Rosicrucians. The more I learn about this elusive order, the more I like it. The story begins in early seventeenth century Germany with the publication of the Fama and the Confessio Fraternitatis, both documents calling for reformation of the world and the overthrow of the corrupt church. There is a strong gnostic theme in the philosophy of the documents, which claim that the brotherhood of the rose cross have secret and powerful knowledge.