Friday, August 1st, 2008 Archives

Ogre was still wet, so I couldn’t do more to the crucifixion, so instead I worked on finishing up Amelia’s face and spent a long time defining the shadows of the ivy and getting detail work into the jewelry and helmet. I may have darkened things a touch too much, so I’ll probably get back into the piece Monday morning to rough things up a bit. So close to wrapping it up…


I searched through my pictures for a long time this morning, looking for my landscape shots from the trip I made up there in December. Somehow I misplaced all of the horizontal images in the computer, and couldn’t find them anywhere. For a while I was pretty sure that they were gone for good, then I located them in a file buried in an old  iPhoto archive, i’ve been using Bridge for quite a while, and had forgotten that I had put them there.

img_7344.jpgReferring to the pictures means that I can do some justice to the landscape at the Trona Pinnacles, which is one of the weirder landscape on this earth, close to one of the worst towns ever built. Searching for the pictures took up enough time that I didn’t get much on canvas before it was time to get home to my kids for dinner, but you can see where this is going. I’m using the diagonal line from corner to corner as a guide for the tops of the pinnacles.  It’s pretty sketchy right now and there’s a lot more detail to come which will bring it to life.