Grassy landscape growing

I’ve continued build up the shapes of the deeper layers of the grass using dark greens and browns, mostly in the same colours that I needed for the moss. It’s all quite general, making loose gestures toward the direction and shape of the grassy leaves and stems, but not overly concerned with detail. Next I used a lovely Olive Green – one of my favorite greens these days because of its incredible darkness that thins out to a rich deepĀ glaze, just like Prussian Blue – and used it to get some greens into the landscape over the layer of Burnt Sienna I painted quite a long time ago.

Next, in order to get the foreground going, I used a Foundation White to paint the tangled stems and leaves of the grass, first with my largest script brush, then switching to a smaller size to make the leaves recede. It looks weirdly bright now, I’ll glaze colour over this when I finish the grass tomorrow, dropping into the landscape and creating some depth.

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