Adding purple to the shadows, Ceramic White to the highlights.

I’ve used the Carbazole Violet to deepen the shadows of the face, then popped in a bit of Raw Umber to emphasize the darks. The beard got a treatment of whites and Raw Umber to make it feel more bristly, then I used a little Cermaic white to pop in highlights. I’ve re-worked the teeth, which are consequently a touch too bright. I’ll have to glaze over them to drop them beck into the mouth a bit more. The length of the extended arm got a glaze of Ceramic white that unified the flesh, especially after I worked a little Carbazole Violet into it in the small areas of shadow. I’ve┬ácoloured the arm and hand purple because the guy has been hanging upside down for a while – the blood would sink downward.

I’m contemplating the next painting, which I will start pretty soon, with so little to do to complete this piece. I’ll miss working on the Hanged Man. He’s been a lot of fun.

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