Hanged Man Head

Hanged Man taking shape.

It’s been a busy week introducing new students to their classes and getting everything in order. We’ve been experimenting with the camera obscura to see what kind of results we can get out of it, finding that having some theatre lights aimed at the model really helps to create a stronger image. Joe wants to put together a research project in the summer to build a box like the one Vermeer used in his studio. I’d like to see that very much.

I’ve found some time to paint, despite being so busy, getting a bit further with the Hanged man, producing a roughed head and arm to add to the body. He’s coming along nicely, and will be quite dramatic when he’s done.¬†He’s led to some really interesting research into Medieval North Italian legal practices. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing about him and the other cards that I’m exploring. My book is now a tad under 50,000 words.

Because the image illustrates the punishment for treachery I want to find symbolism that¬†emphasizes the hanged man’s lost fidelity. Watch the blog to see how it emerges.

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