I’ve drawn the landscape for the Magician’s world onto the canvas, with distant mountain range, a trough of water, a cross of long rags attached to sticks, and rocks and clouds that resemble each other.¬†All four elements are represented in this painting.

In the distance, placed on the golden section at the centered horizon line, there’s a citadel on a hillside. I’ve drawn perspective lines to help me draw the clouds in a receding pattern emanating from the city. The composition still lacks the raven who will sit in the foreground of the left side. I’m concerned to get the bird right, so I started looking for a stuffed raven, and discovered a weird legal fact: it’s illegal to make taxidermy mounts from American ravens!

I’ve painted the morning glory flowers blue, but still need to add a couple of layers of colour to the leaves – they’re quite flat at the moment. I’ll continue working this evening.

Elements in the Magician’s Landscape

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