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providenceeyes1 Providenceeyes2Photographer Rafael Cardenas was at the gallery for the opening of the exhibit at Bert Green’s Gallery in Los Angeles last Wednesday, and kindly sent me his photo of my piece As the Crow Flies with me in it being photographed. He’s a good shooter – I like what I see of his work on his website very much.

I also heard from Murray McMillan in Providence, where my video In the Eyes of my Ancestors played in October last year – here are a couple of snaps from the campus showing the video in action on the building. I’m hoping to post quicktime of the video in location soon. I think it looks great in the stills. I forgot to mention that on Monday evening I met up with my old friend Derek Goodall, who helped me with filming the project. We are talking about a somewhat more ambitious piece next – an alchemical dance / movement piece. I’m going to start working on imagery for it, then pass this to Vicki Finlayson, formerly a Merce Cunningham dancer, now an excellent choreographer with Lit Moon theatre company in Santa Barbara. She’ll work on building movement to progress from one image to the next, then we’ll shoot it in a variety of locations, hopefully including Death Valley.

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