First layer down, bones ongoing

In between hanging doors and moving endless quantities of books, a really great house warming party and taking a very nice group of students to the Getty to visit the extraordinary collections of icons that hang there, I have actually been working on the painting too! Here he is, with an almost complete first layer of paint over the entire panel, and a bit of detail work on the face of the angel himself. (The value is too dark in the shadows right now, and I will lighten it up with a layer of  lovely transparent Zinc white Рone of the great secrets of oil painting!)

The web’s not working in the studio, which is a bit of a pain, so I’ve missed posting a stage that I would have liked to have shown, prior to the first layer of the sky getting blocked in, but it doesn’t add a huge amount to the process, so not to worry. Details now!¬†

Next weekend I’m going to meet Lama Pema Tendzin again, to learn mandala painting techniques from him in a workshop. Can’t wait! Having finished my Sun God painting at last I think I’d enjoy applying mandala techniques to another large piece similar to it.

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