marseilles19.jpg  marseilles17.jpgI’ve been shooting photos for reference for new paintings, intending to continue building my own painted collection of tarot card trumps. I have reference shots for The Lovers, The Sun, and The Empress. I decided to reshoot the pictures I took of Jen for Strength, because I think I can do better. I’m not posting my reference shots here because I promised my models I wouldn’t. My son Ethan posed for both of the twins image on the Sun card, then I put them together in Photoshop. Christine posed for the Empress, and her sister for the Star. When I can get back into the studio more effectively I’m going to be BUSY.

Here’s a worrying thought: I painted two cards this year. Perhaps I can paint six cards a year if I’m lucky. There are twenty two major arcana in the tarot deck, so it will take at least three more years to get the whole lot done, and a couple of cards left over! Better get a move on. 

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