Rock salt

I added a layer of zinc white to the rocks. Zinc is a very transparent white, so it’s great for jobs like this, where I want to keep the colour and texture beneath it coming through. With the remaining paint I added a knifed layer to the Justice painting, which is now nicely textured.

The work’s beginning to pay off now, with the various layers starting to work together to unify the painting. I added a bit more texture to the jacket, but I think I’m really done with it now. Time to move to getting that face right. I’m getting interested in the desert, which in this painting has now been transformed into a spring flower field by the introduction of the air to the earth, while the fire burns with phosphorescent glow in the air. (I guess I need to figure out how that’s going to work too…) I might need to go and find some night flowers and set up a light to get some sense of the way this would look.

2 thoughts on “Rock salt

  1. If I were Amelia I would be screamin’ “owwhaa” from the soles of my feet! She’s ethereal and searching for…night flowers, lovely thought. Desert blooms of pear cactus seasonal? Eerily beckoning phosphorus sky — on Mars? The mountains and desert feel like night driving past Palm Springs toward Indio. Composition is gorgeously spooky! Colors are piquant!

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