Crucifixion x

I found my source pictures for the crucifixion dating back from 2000, when Ogre came over to visit and posed for the painting. I worked at the face for a couple of hours, getting a good layer down. It’s clearly too bright right now, so the next step will be to tone it down a little, but this can wait until this layer is dry because there are some good things here that I don’t want to wreck by attempting to continue. 

img_7341.jpg Because it’s Ogre I’m painting here I played Skinny Puppy’s “Last Rights” on the stereo, very loud. I do like to paint with loud music on. I know some painters insist that the only music that should ever be played in the studio is classical, but I like the edginess of nasty loud rock, and I do see its influence in the paintings, and I like it. I don’t want the paintings to be wishy washy, I want impact. 

Thinking about the tour of churches in Spring, I wonder if churches other that Lutheran ELCA will be interested. I’ll try the Lutheran churches first and see where it goes from there.


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