Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 Archives

Bombers got a layer of iron oxide to get the ball rolling. The graphite layer turned out to be quite fragile, so I was pretty cautious around the figure not to abrade the drawing too much.

This preliminary layer doesn’t last long, and most of it gets covered by future work, but makes a unifying warmth to the painting as little fragments of it appear through the layers that will cover the bulk of it. It also has the effect of sealing the gesso so that the layers of paint will settle into the surface without any weird colour changes. 


Bombers iv

img_7326.jpg  I added some colour and a flesh velatura to the figures. They’re coming to life now. I’m a bit tired today, and it’s hard to get motivated, but I managed to get some important work done on all three paintings that are on the easels right now. Painting the small works is a very different experience compared to the big pieces. The work is more picky and careful, there are far less opportunities to play with the paint and control accidents made by the knife, brush and rag. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different. 

I’ll start bringing some detail in next, and I have to think pretty hard about where this event is happening. 

Golden Bowl ix


I worked to finish Amelia’s face, adding moving the eye and putting some flesh tones over the grey layer, then adding some highlights right into the wet paint. It’s almost there now. I’m more satisfied with the positions of the features, so I’ll scrape some texture over it next.

I darkened the side of her helmet to better match the value of the shadows on the side of her body. 

Here are the before and after shots of todays work on her. So close to being done! The before shot is the one on the left in which you can see the grey layer. Click to enlarge.